Inari – Sushi Rice in Sweet Fried Tofu Pouches

In Korea, we call this recipe 유부초밥 which is pronounced phonetically yoo-boo-cho-bap. However sushi joints tend to sell it by its Japanese name – Inari. Either way, they are delicious and so easy to make… why not make your own?


  • Cooked rice (any kind, though white is preferred)
  • Sushi seasoning (sold in the supermarkets but you can make your own using the recipe which follows)
  • Inari pockets (find these at any Asian grocery)

The sushi seasoning I used – Obento sushi seasoning found @ Woolworths

Or mix these together for homemade sushi seasoning!

  • 1 cup rice vinegar
  •  3/4 cup sugar
  • 1 tbsp salt

This are the inari pockets I usually use – found at TongLi Supermarket @ Parramatta Westfield.

Sometimes I use this other variety of inari pockets – found them at Magic Supermarket @ Parramatta Westfield.


1. Mix about 3 tbsp of sushi seasoning with 1 cup of rice in a bowl.

*Tip: Put on a disposable kitchen glove and spray some oil into it. Then rub in on so that your hands are non-stick!

2. Separate the inari pockets and taking one, open it and lightly, carefully push some rice mixture inside.

3. Pat down so the whole filled pocket is compressed and then set aside on a plate while you work through the rest.

4. Eat! It’s *that* easy! 🙂

Tip: For a bit of added colour and flavour, mix in 2 tsp of furikake mixture – you’ll find this in the Asian grocery too.



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