Prosciutto-wrapped Spanish Melon

At Coles - also available at Harris Farm Markets and other green grocers around Sydney.

Found at Coles Parramatta- also available at Harris Farm Markets, probably other Coles and other green grocers around Sydney.

This, my friends, is the humble Spanish melon. 
Ugly-looking, sweet-tasting...
In Korea, we call it ‘frog melon’ because it is so ugly.
Oh, it may be ugly but it sure tastes good!

Look at the inside – yum, yum!

HOWEVER – like the frog prince, if you give it a chance, it will surely amaze you! Sweet, succulent and more flavoursome than watermelon and honeydew put together, I *strongly recommend* trying some ASAP. You won’t regret it!

Okay, now for the recipe…

Prosciutto-wrapped Spanish Melon Slices


The perfect, yet unlikely accompaniment to melon!



Back of prosciutto packet

Back of prosciutto packet


            • Prosciutto – thin sliced
            • Spanish melon


            1. Dice melon into 3cm x 4cm pieces (rough estimate – totally up to you XD).
            2. Wrap prosciutto around each piece of melon.
            3. Eat or serve and enjoy together!
*Tip: try wrapping one piece and sampling to see if it is too salty or too bland before continuing with the wrapping of the melon with the prosciutto. Remember that prosciutto can be salty and that brands may differ, so adjusting the length of your prosciutto makes all the difference!
Oohh! You *must* taste it!

Prosciutto-wrapped Spanish Melon

Oh, you gotta try this!

Prosciutto-wrapped Spanish Melon


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